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Results of the Freshmen-Sophomore Class Officer Election

Eastlyn Koons, Jaedra Hopkins, Jonah Palmer, and Rylie Parr waiting to give speeches for the freshman class.

Eastlyn Koons, Jaedra Hopkins, Jonah Palmer, and Rylie Parr waiting to give speeches for the freshman class.

Photo by Amanda Holt

Photo by Amanda Holt

Eastlyn Koons, Jaedra Hopkins, Jonah Palmer, and Rylie Parr waiting to give speeches for the freshman class.

Eastlyn Koons, Staff Writer

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During 1A block on Thursday, April 6, the freshmen voted for their class officers for the 2017-2018 school year.

“I thought that the freshmen election turned out just how the freshmen voters wanted it to,” said Petra Williams, stuco advisor.

This class election was the only one with a contested office. Three people ran for president: Rylie Parr, Jonah Palmer, and Jaedra Hopkins.

“I think my other opponents did really well, from their speeches to their posters they did an amazing job. Definitely deserved the positions they got,” said Jaedra Hopkins, sophomore treasurer.

The position of secretary was filled by Eastlyn Koons, but the position for treasurer and vice president were open. Jonah Palmer won vice president with the second amount of votes and Jaedra Hopkins won treasurer with the third most.

“I hope to just be able to help out when it comes to planning things for our class and find a way I can help the people in our class. It isn’t about the position but what you do with it. Treasurer is one of the lesser positions but you can make differences still,” Hopkins said.

Many people have referred to the election as a popularity contest so many people predicted the results ahead of time.

“I feel like they(the elections) went well, it was kind of expected though how it ended up for me, the president being Rylie Parr and the vice president being Jonah Palmer,” said Jasmine Powell, freshman.

The freshmen seem content with the turn-out of the election.

“I hope the sophomore class officer will do what they promised the class but knowing them as people I am confident they’ll accomplish their goal,” said Jonah Palmer, sophomore vice president.

Rylie Parr, Eastlyn Koons, and Jaedra Hopkins will hold the exact same offices that they held this year for next year.

“I’m happy about (the election) because I get to be an officer again and that is always a fun time,” said Hopkins

To be an officer one has to be in student council, and most members become officers to make a difference in their class.

I like being a part of student council because it is a fun experience and gives you the opportunity to step up when most students can’t,” Hopkins said.

In all the other classes there were no competitions, so the freshen election was the only one that students voted on. 

“That’s the nice thing about having a contested office is that you leave it up to the classmates to decide,  they were all 3 good candidates that ran for president and just based upon the election this year, they all got to have an office because we had the open spots,” Williams said.

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