The Tribe Times


The Tribe Times is the official student online news website of Smithville High School in Smithville, Missouri.

As student journalists, we strive to provide factual information, and an open forum for discussion and ideas for the school body and community of Smithville.

Readers are always welcome to voice their opinion and write a letter to the editor about any topics he or she would like discussed. We have the right to revise for grammar and spelling and length as needed.

Below is the official The Tribe Times editorial policy:

The Tribe Times is an independent publication of Smithville High School. The purpose of this website is to provide a forum of expression for the students of Smithville High School. It also serves to provide information, entertainment and commentary from Smithville High School students on matters of school, local, state, national and international issues, with emphasis on local and school issues. All opinions expressed are of the students with little to no intervention from the adviser.


Readers may respond to content and other issues through Letters to the Editor to the [email protected] and commenting on stories.

LETTERS: An honest attempt to print all letters, regardless of the views or opinions expressed, will be made. Letters must be signed, and any letters which are judged to be libelous, obscene, materially disruptive to school or an invasion of privacy will not be printed. The editors reserve the right to edit all letters. Editorials or opinion columns representing the views of individual staff members carry bylines. The views in opinion columns do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the high school faculty or the administration. Accuracy is a major goal of your publication name; therefore, major errors will be acknowledged and corrected within a timely manner.