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Band goes to competition over the weekend

Colton James, junior, practices for his solo. He received a 1 on his solo, trio, and quartet and is going to state for all three.

Photo by Amanda Holt

Colton James, junior, practices for his solo. He received a 1 on his solo, trio, and quartet and is going to state for all three.

Eastlyn Koons, Staff Writer

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Student musicians went to Liberty High School for their district solo and ensemble competition on Saturday, March 10.

“Students prepare a piece of music that’s on a prescribed list to choose from and they have weeks, months to prepare it and they perform it one time in front of a judge,” said Tom Brockman, band director.

The judges rated the students based on how well the students performed. If a student receives a high ranking, they go to state.

“The judge kind of indicates a rating, one being the highest and two being still excellent it just wasn’t a one,” Brockman said.

The participants practice a lot to prepare for the competition.

“I practiced for 1-2 hours a day on my piece, but that’s not including my other music pieces,” said Mason Clegg, sophomore violinist.  

Many of the older students have enjoyed the competition and have done it numerous times over the years.

“Last year I got two ones at district level on both of my solos (clarinet and piano),”said Amberly Langford, senior clarinetist and pianist. “The year before I only took a piano solo and I got a 2 and my freshman year I got a 1 on my piano solo.”

Brockman is very confident in his students’ abilities.

“I think ours (students) will do very well,” Brockman said. “I’ve heard of a lot of good preparation. I’ve heard good practicing so I think we will do fairly well.”

Students enjoy the competition as it is helpful in their opinion.

“I think it’s a good opportunity for musicians to experience performing and to get feedbacks on their performances,” Langford said.

As well as the students, the band directors also enjoy this competition.

“I think (my favorite part) is really just to see the individual student grow. This is not a requirement of our class so they take this upon themselves to do it and it’s kind of neat to watch them grow and master it and to put themselves in the stressful situation of playing in front of people and being successful,” Brockman said.

Eastlyn Koons, freshman, received a two; Josh Rich, freshman, received a two; Alex Sharkey, freshman, received a two; Kira Nixon, freshman, received a one; Michael Fletcher, freshman, received a one; Aubri Ray, sophomore, received a two; Cooper Barnes, sophomore, received a one; Mason Clegg, sophomore, received a one; Alex Kratofil, junior, received a two; Megan Frazier, junior, received a two; JoBeth Hancock, junior, received a two; Ashley Ball, junior, received a one;  Colton James, junior, received a one; Greta Zolynas, junior, received a one; Alex Motsinger, junior, received a one; Amberly Langford, senior, received a three for a clarinet solo and a one for a piano solo; Olivia Motsinger, senior, received a two; Cade Torkelson, senior, received a one; Kyle Holt, senior, received a one; Meg Reinhardt, senior, received a one, Savanah Pate, senior, received a one, a flute trio of Baileigh Kienzle, sophomore, Amanda Holt, freshman, and Emma Green, senior, received a two; a saxophone trio of Zolynas, James and Nixon, received a one; and a saxophone quartet Zolynas, James,  Nixon, and Motsinger, received a one. 

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