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Band jazzes it up at festival

Jazz band takes the stage at the Gem Theater in the KC Jazz District.

Jazz band takes the stage at the Gem Theater in the KC Jazz District.

Photo by Amanda Holt

Photo by Amanda Holt

Jazz band takes the stage at the Gem Theater in the KC Jazz District.

Eastlyn Koons, Staff Writer

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Jazz band students went to Penn Valley on Tuesday, April 20 for a jazz festival.

“I think we did well, we got a one rating at our previous festival, and this festival was another solid performance but with steeper judging,” said Amberly Langford, senior pianist.

The festival was held at Gem Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri.

We did pretty good during festival,” said Michael Fletcher, freshman tuba and trombone player. “We received a one rating at Northwest, and we have not received our recent festival rating but I bet we did really good.”  

Michael Fletcher plays the tuba for marching band and concert band but plays the trombone for jazz band.

“My favorite part of jazz band is playing the trombone,” Fletcher said. “I like playing a second instrument.”

Langford has played in the jazz band for three years as a pianist.

“Jazz  band has definitely improved over the years, and it keeps progressing,” Langford said.

This is only one of multiple festivals throughout this year, with this being a great season according to the members.

“Each festival has something different, but I think the most valuable part is listening to other groups play and hearing the comments/suggestions from clinicians,” said Brittany Terwey, jazz band director.

Terwey will not be the director of jazz band next year as she is leaving to teach in the Liberty School District.

“The students in Jazz Ensemble are incredibly hard workers and WONDERFUL musicians,” Terwey said. “They will without a doubt do a fantastic job next year.”

Next year the band will gain two new teachers, an associate and assistant director. The new directors have not been announced.

“Yeah, I’m really sad to see Mrs. Terwey leave,” Fletcher said. “She gave us a lot of guidance.”

Terwey wishes the seniors the best for their future and is sad to see them leave.

“The seniors who are leaving this year have been an incredibly valuable part of the program.  They were a big part of the reason the jazz ensemble has been fun and successful,” Terwey said. “I think the world of them and cannot wait to hear/see all they accomplish in the future.”

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