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Berger to the big stage

Berger signing to Drake.

Photo by Jasmine Powell

Berger signing to Drake.

Abby Swanigan, Staff Writer

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One of Smithville’s own high school students is going to a Division One college for theater.

She has been acting since she was seven and has been in 25 shows. Some of her favorite roles were Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, Soupy Sue in Urinetown and Sandy in Grease.

“I am beyond excited to attend Drake,” said Abby Berger, senior. “It is honestly a dream come true.”  

Berger has been wanting to attend Drake for the last four years. She has taken private voice lessons for about six years, acting/drama classes for seven years, and dance classes for eight years.

“I have auditioned for a lot of schools, but Drake’s theater program was by far the most selective and fitting for me,” Berger said. “It is the school I have really wanted to go to.”

According to Berger, Drake is the perfect program for her, “I know I am going to get to do what I love no matter what.”

She would hope to keep her first name, Abby and use her middle name when she makes it big time. Her new name would be “Abby Caroline”.

“My plan is to get my BFA (Bachelor’s of Fine Arts) in musical theater from Drake and then hopefully move to Chicago, New York, LA, where ever my classmates and I decide to go to pursue a career in theater and acting,” Berger said.

Berger’s family flew out almost every weekend of January and February to go to auditions.

“They all supported me through the emotional journey that it was because I was so stressed out,” Berger said. “My friends have been absolutely amazing. They have been just so open and kind to me. When I had my signing, it was unreal how many people were there and just the amount of love.”

If Berger could be any actress she wanted to she would be Meryl Streep because “she does everything, from musicals to dramas to comedies.”

“My inspiration is definitely the idea that theater and all forms of art, can change the world. Theater and film tell important, crucial stories of empathy and humanity that are needed now more than ever. There’s nothing I love more than telling those stories and feeling the change happen on the stage.”

According to Berger her favorite part of high school is the theater company and the shows she did. The last thing Berger wanted to say to students just entering the high school was:

“Try so many things and to find what what you love,” Berger said. “Don’t be afraid to try, take risks like go out for theater, go out for sports, you will find your people. Find what you love, do it constantly and you will be happy.”

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