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Books over Looks

Savannah Oesterle, Staff Writer

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Back in elementary school, every librarian taught us not to judge books by covers. Little did they know, they’re teaching kids an even bigger lesson than trying to get them into reading. In kindergarten, teachers taught us quantity isn’t everything, quality is. In middle school, they taught us we choose our future. In high school they taught us we aren’t given grades, we earn them. All of these lessons are more important than what was on the outside.

  Changing the way our school looks won’t change how smart we are. If we look like we’re a fancy school that doesn’t mean we’re turning in 4.0’s at every grade check. If we’re buying state of the art football fields that doesn’t mean we’re earning full ride scholarships. If we’re building new parking lots we’re not giving the future the best chance we have. If we’re building a new school, we’re not focusing on what matters.

  Every Friday shirts fill the hallways from the teachers that say some form of ‘the future is in my classroom.’ Even though the teachers know this, they’re not acting to help the future of students. They’re acting to impress the people who need to be impressed by materialistic items. What car you drive or what house you live in shouldn’t matter and neither should what the school you go to looks like.

Some classes don’t give students text books because they’re aren’t enough of them. Yet, the school has enough money to buy a multimillion-dollar football field. Sure, it’s nice for the two hundred people that use it. Football practices in the fall but is it a good investment? The kids playing football are setting themselves up for future injuries. The deck is stacked against these kids, they’ll get brain injuries which will affect them their entire life. This field might look like something that’s worthy of bragging but it isn’t. Is it worth the risk of cancer it causes? I think not.

Other classes are full of thirty students at one point. Some are full of fifteen and some classrooms have zero. Instead of trying to get more ad-ons to the building, the school board should rearrange class sizes to be more effective and efficient. Lunch is another problem that comes up but the solution to this is simple-let students eat lunch outdoors and have some freedom. The reason our schools are so ineffective is because of poor organization and a desire for unnecessary money.

  The focus of parking lots is far out there and completely unnecessary. Instead of focusing on who gets what spot it should be first come, first serve. This would eliminate a lot of issues and would clear space up for academic studies. This problem isn’t really real, it’s just a way to get people to spend money so the school can brag about how much they’ve helped students out.

  Our biggest problem is simply that we want to build a new school. Have we ever looked at the true problem and seen it isn’t how good we’re receiving but instead how much it is? Before building a school it’s important to look and see that we need to improve the future for the ones who are here now. Building this school won’t teach the 2017 graduates anything but how to spend money they don’t have on things they don’t need.

  The future is in these classrooms and it’s time that the school board starts thinking about what they really need. If we want to improve the future it’s time to act and realize that we don’t need to spend money on these projects. If you truly care about the students and the future we are all going to have to pay for, vote for the students on November 8th. We can’t fail these students now, they need us.

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