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Cheer competes at Missouri State

Photo by McKenna Hill

Photo by McKenna Hill

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Smithville High School varsity cheer team was granted a bid to compete at Missouri’s State Cheer competition.

“I think they know they’ve put in the hours and the hard work, and I think they also have a little bit of nerves,” said Cara Massie, varsity cheer coach.

   On October 28, the varsity cheer squad will also be attending their first State Cheer Competition under Massie’s guidance. State will be held at Hearn’s arena at The University of Missouri, and the team will be competing against “some of the best teams in Missouri” says Massie.

   ”It’s going to be very different and we haven’t ever done this before, so we’ll see. We’re hoping for the top four,” said Paris Rowden, captain.  

According to Massie, girls on the team hit the skills that they have been working on for several months. Wishing that they could incorporate more fierceness in the routine, Massie lowered the technical difficulty level to maintain a low deduction score for the State competition.

“I think we’re going to get first and I think we’re going to do great,” said Sydnee Flowers, freshman flyer.  

   The Warriors performed after Liberty’s intense tumbling routine. Meanwhile, on October 11 the Smithville cheer squad successfully through all of their tumbling passes.

   “My favorite part of the routine is probably Makayla’s kick full because that’s just really neat. She’s the only one on the team that can do it. It’s just a really fun stunt to throw,” Rowden said.

   A kick full is a type of toss that requires a flyer to kick in the air and following the kick, she must twist in a complete circle as well as land in a different direction than she started.

   Flowers said the libs to arabesque are her favorite stunts because they are ¨cute and sassy.¨

A lib is when the flyer is standing on one foot with their foot by their knee, creating the knee to bend. An arabesque is also a one footed stunt. However, this one includes the flyer putting her leg out behind her and her arms out to her sides. Sometimes, these stunts fall.

“I know it’s not just my fault but kinda, to be honest, I don’t know. You always feel like “Oh I could have saved it,” Flowers said.

When a stunt touches the ground and it isn’t supposed to, the team faces a large deduction which could be the only reason a team doesn’t win. Even if a stunt struggles to stay in the air, but never touches the ground, they have a slightly smaller deduction; this means that the stunt has to appear effortless and perfect.

“If we don’t do well at State, I will feel like I’ve done something wrong or I have let the team down in not leading them in some way to do their best in certain areas,” Rowden said.

   At 12:40 am on October 28, the team’s butterflies will be at an all-time high.

¨I could not be more proud of this team,” Massie said. “They really are a huge blessing in my life and it is a joy to coach them every day. I feel super lucky to be in the position that I am.”

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