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Day of honor, remembrance for veterans

Mica Ekis escorts a veteran to his seat at the Veterans Day assembly.

Mica Ekis escorts a veteran to his seat at the Veterans Day assembly.

Photo by Shelbi Ashcroft

Photo by Shelbi Ashcroft

Mica Ekis escorts a veteran to his seat at the Veterans Day assembly.

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A day to remember the ones who gave their all to fight for and protect the United States of America is exactly what Friday, November 11 turned out to be.

The students invited veterans and active soldiers to join them for breakfast and attend an assembly to honor them. Over 70 veterans attended and brought their families.

The breakfast began at seven thirty in the cafeteria, where the veterans and their families talked before their big debut. At 8:15 am students poured into the gym to show their support in red, white and blue. As the band played students clapped for the veterans entering the gym.

All eight hundred people in the gym shared one thing in common-gratitude. One by one the names of the men and women were called, as they stood up they received hand written thank you cards.

After all the cards had been handed out, students stood up to speak about what the veterans meant to them. Among the students who spoke were Chase Fournie, senior, who received a standing ovation about his decision to join the military. Others who spoke include: Nick Hartman, Hayden Hollingsworth, Jacob Burns, and Mady Easley.

After all of the speeches were complete, the choir sang one last patriotic song, followed by Ashley Ball playing Taps on her trumpet to wrap up the event.

The assembly was coordinated by Jacob Burns and Hannah Haerich.

“I got teared up a few times. You sit and plan an assembly but you don’t account for the emotions. This assembly was really humbling,” said Haerich.

Even though some veterans were returning from previous years, there was a face in the crowd that had seen the gym many times. Returning after 15 years, Major Jacob Green stepping into the gym to speak to the men and women in front of him.

“The assembly was amazing. It’s great to see young people in the community surround their veterans and just show that they support them. This is a fairly new tradition, Smithville didn’t do this when I was in high school, and it’s really great to see this generation getting active with our service members,” said Major Green.

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