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DECA competes at state

Photo by Rudy's Portaits

Photo by Rudy's Portaits

Eastlyn Koons, Staff Writer

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DECA students headed off on March 12th to the Lake of the Ozarks for their state competition which lasted until March 14th.

“DECA is an organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management,” said Jadyn Yoder, sophomore.

Those who did well at Districts in February qualified for the state competition.

“To prepare, I take practice tests and do practice roleplays with Ms. Gaiser,” Yoder said. “She gives us tips on our presentations.”

Students as well as their adviser enjoyed their time at the competition.

“(My favorite part was) getting to see the kids compete and getting to see the kids enjoy their hard work,” said Vallri Gaiser, DECA adviser.

DECA is a great learning experience for the students, students learn about marketing, business, management, and entrepreneurship by competing through making product pitches, sales pitches, and public speaking. .

“DECA has helped me become more comfortable in interview type settings, and I think it has shaped who I am when it comes to my interactions with adults and the business world,” Yoder said.

Two Smithville students have made it to nationals, which will be held in California in late April: Jordyn Beard, grade, and Yoder.

“The first five in each category at state go to nationals and I got seventh, but two people dropped out so I made it!” Yoder said.  

To compete in DECA an individual has to complete many different tasks.

“You have to complete a 100 question test, then you get 10-30 minutes to prepare (depending on if it’s individual or team) for a mock interview with a judge. In these interviews, you solve problems for a business, or market the business to a certain customer group,” said Yoder.

Students also enjoy the competition.

“I love the experience of competing and it was a really great learning experience and it was very very fun,” said Katie Davis, freshman.

According to the students, it takes a lot of hard work and preparation to make it to state.

“Considering I even made it to state was pretty impressive. There was like only six of us (freshmen) there,” Davis said.

Many of these students have loved DECA this year and plan to do it again next year.

“I really enjoy DECA because I am good with people, but I think that everyone should be in DECA because it teaches you so many important things and prepares you for how to get a job,” Yoder said.

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