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Election results in Trump Presidency, Smithville School District expansion

Election results in Trump Presidency, Smithville School District expansion

McKenna Hill, Yearbook Photography Editor

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The students of Smithville High School correctly predicted the outcome of the 2016 presidential election this past Tuesday, and with that, the citizens of the United States have selected their next president.

In the student polls conducted by the Warrior journalism team, 200 students with a variety of opinions and political stances came out to vote for who they thought our next president should be. While Trump took our student led election by storm, winning by almost 20 percent of the vote, many students are expressing their frustrations with this election season.

“This election year has been an absolute mess, and I hope I don’t have to deal with something like when I’m actually old enough to vote,” said Keelan Baker, junior.

Many of the student voters expressed that they felt as if no one truly supported a candidate, and were voting against someone rather than for someone.

“This would have been the perfect election for the Libertarian movement to capitalize on,” said Daniel Kochanowicz, another junior. That statement proves to be true as the libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, came in with 15 percent of the overall vote in the student elections, beating out all of the other third party candidates and nearly overcoming Clinton herself.

With that being said, Paul Restivo, English teacher, also polled in above three of the third party candidates in the write in votes.

“This election is going to change the future of American politics forever; how politicians are perceived, accepted, and treated will never be the same,” wrote an anonymously polled student. “A level of professionalism that politics previously had is decimated. It’ll be interesting to see where America goes next.”

However, Smithville High School is facing another great change with this election, as both the bond and levy issues on the ballot passed.

The tax bond, which will help renovate the high school as well as the primary elementary school, passed with a 71 percent vote in support of it, nearly being supported by all of the Smithville voters. While more narrowly, the levy issue on the ballot also passed just over 50 percent, guaranteeing the school district a new building to be built summer of 2017.

“I’m really excited to see where this takes us as a school. I hear about new classrooms, new science rooms, a bigger, better, newer cafeteria, and a lot of things that will make us feel a lot less crowded here,” said Mitchell Kline, a government teacher “It’s been a really great experience to be able to teach government and debate classes during an election year.”

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