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Excitement lingers after marching band season ends

Marching Band leaving the field at Parkhill Marching Competition.  They took 3rd out of their division.

Marching Band leaving the field at Parkhill Marching Competition. They took 3rd out of their division.

Photo by Shelbi Ashcroft

Photo by Shelbi Ashcroft

Marching Band leaving the field at Parkhill Marching Competition. They took 3rd out of their division.

Amanda Holt, Staff Writer

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Marching Band season is over at Smithville High School and many band members are still riding the high of the success of the season.

The marching season started in July with the two week long band camp and ended the 22nd of October with a second place win at the Odessa Marching Invitational. The show was “The Mask of Zorro” and included the songs “The Mask of Zorro”, “Diego’s Goodbye”, and “The Mask Of Zorro Finale.”

“This season really really well. I think we grew a ton and I think that’s mostly because the show is challenging and there was a lot of good student leadership,” said Brittany Terwey, assistant band director.  

It wasn’t only Terwey who was proud of the season.

“The season went amazing. It was probably our best one so far,” said Colton James, drum major.  

The band students are also proud of the season.

“I think it was pretty alright,” said Keelan Baker, junior, “especially with our very last (competition) where we did really well…I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out.”

The band’s hard work throughout the season was a high point for many members.

“We were constantly improving and constantly getting better, and it started rough but that’s every year. That’s every show. That’s every band, so I know a lot of people…in the band doubted themselves, but the season went amazing and I didn’t doubt us, I knew we were gonna be great,” James said.

The drum majors were another high point this season.

“They did awesome. I think they got some of the highest scores they ever had,” Terwey said.

The drum majors scored an 88 out of a possible 100 at the Trenton Marching Festival.

“I feel like I did really well, considering the compliments I got from Brockman and Terwey,” James said. “The score that Cade and I got at Trenton, and a lot of people seemed to like me as a leader, so I feel like it went pretty well.”

The growth of the band throughout the season was apparent to the members as well.  

“Watching you guys grow and being…cap stoned by having the good competition at Odessa (was the best part of the season),” Terwey said.

Now that marching band is over concert band is starting.

“I’m…ready for concert season. I think by the end of the marching season it’s a welcome change. Everyone’s kinda sick of being outside and sick of each other so it’s nice to do something that (is)  a little bit more one-on-one.” Terwey said

The band members are ready for concert band too.

“I love symphonic band, it’s so much fun and going back to the alto sax section is gonna be great,” James said.

“(Mr. Brockman and I have) been talking about stuff (for next year). That’s as much as I’m going to say,” Terwey said.

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