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Flu infects student body

Amanda Holt, Staff Writer

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Smithville High School has seen an epidemic in the past month. Every day more and more people are missing school because of the flu.

As of Jan. 26, Debbie Wilmes, school nurse, has seen “approximately 19 students and three adults” in her office due to the flu.

January isn’t a stranger to sickness, though.

“According to the Health Department, who I have to send a report to, (the flu going around) is normal at this time,” Wilmes said.

When students are out they miss school and have work they need to make up.

“I’m still behind. I was only gone a day and a half, but apparently, I missed a lot,” said Eastlyn Koons, freshman.

Some students don’t end up as far behind.

“I was out of school for one day since we had a four-day weekend,” said Michael Fletcher, freshman. “(I had) about just a day’s worth (of school work). I got it all done in about an hour.”

Students coming to school while sick can be linked to the spread of the flu.

“(I came to school sick) because I didn’t think I was that sick. I only went home because I had weights the next hour and I was feeling so awful,” Koons said.

Many students are being more aware of stopping the spread of germs.

“I am washing my hands a lot and sanitizing whatever I touch around my house so that my mom or my brother does not catch what I got,” Fletcher said.

There are a lot of things that can be done to prevent the spread of sickness.

“Try to avoid contact as much as you can with sick people, always cover your nose and mouth with a tissue if you’re going to cough or sneeze, or cough into your elbow, wash hands a lot with soap and water if soap and water isn’t available then use Germ-X. Also if around someone sick, don’t touch eyes, nose, or mouth because germs spread that way. Always clean clean clean, disinfect all areas that have been exposed,” Wilmes said.

There is one overall thing to do to prevent the flu.

“Get a flu shot every year. It is the most important step (to prevent the flu),” Wilmes said.

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