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Football ends postseason games

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The Smithville High School football team finished out their regular season with a 7-2 record and now they are in the playoffs.

“The regular season went pretty good.” said Jake Boyd, linebacker and running back. “It went better than expected at the start.”

Practicing five days a week earned the boys seven wins.

“There are some different ways that we practice.”  said Jason Ambroson, head coach.“Sometimes it’s in full pads, sometimes it is in shells, sometimes it is in shorts, because you know football is a very physical game and so we try to segment or differentiate the different things that we do.”

The football team did, however, have two loses.  They lost to Maryville, 39-0, and to Chillicothe, 17-7.

“Losing is hard on me,” said Jacob Perez, linebacker and wide receiver.  “I think it is on everyone, though.”

This season was Ambroson’s 26th season coaching, and his second at Smithville.

“I believe all of the coaches do a really good job on teaching you how to play football,” Boyd said.

Good relationships between the players and the coaches can be a key to a good team.

“I would say that we are all pretty close.” Ambroson said, “ I mean obviously for a lot of them I have only known them for two years but we spend a lot of time together. I care a lot more about them as people than I do about them as football players. I think we all are a lot closer than what most people would think.”

Goals can be a major part of any sports team.

“When we start every year we have a certain number of goals that we set for,” Ambroson said. “First one is to win our first game. The second goal is to win our conference game. Our third goal is to beat our first district opponent and then obviously win conference championship, and then to go on and win district championship. We were unable to win a conference championship, but we did finish three of our first four goals we were able to attain, and now we have a chance to go onto the fifth goal.”

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