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Girl’s Soccer ‘kicks’ off season

Emily Reed, Junior, kicks a goal during a Varsity game.

Emily Reed, Junior, kicks a goal during a Varsity game.

Photo by Eastlyn Koons

Photo by Eastlyn Koons

Emily Reed, Junior, kicks a goal during a Varsity game.

Amanda Holt, Staff Writer

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The Smithville Girl’s Soccer team season is underway. The varsity team has a record of 4-3 with eight regular season games left.

“So far, (the season has) been going pretty good. Soccer has won most of their games, like all teams. So far it’s been going great,” said Paige Myers, freshman C-Team outside-mid.

This season the team has eight returning starters and multiple new players.

“(My first year of high school soccer) feels pretty good,” said Jasmine Powell, freshman Junior Varsity right outside mid. “It’s a lot different from competitive because you’re playing a lot different people age wise. You’re not with a bunch of girls your age – Juniors, seniors, it’s pretty cool.”

Junior Varsity has won most of their games with the exception of two or three.

“The main goal is to just have fun, if we win that’s definitely a plus though,” said Ann-Elise Bateman, Junior Varsity player.

According to Myers, improving soccer skills is the number one priority this season.

“C Team, I honestly don’t know too much about. I just know there’s some girls who goof around, but there are also some girls on C Team who take it seriously,” Powell said.

Eight games remain in the regular season game for Varsity.

“The best part of the season is just getting to be with all the girls, they are all wonderful,” Bateman said.

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