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Photo by Reed's Portraits

Photo by Reed's Portraits

Rachel Wise, Staff Writer

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Approximately 1 million people are deaf in the U.S. according to the research of International affairs at Gallaudet University. Would you be able to communicate and understand them?

Most people try to over-enunciate, talk louder, and act as if they are stupid. This is why I think there should be an option to take a sign language class. It would be just like any other language class like Spanish or French; not required.

This class could benefit students by showing a glimpse inside the deaf culture and how not having the sense of hearing can make the world that much harder. The teacher could bring in deaf/hard of hearing guests to help the class learn how to interact with the deaf. This would also be an amazing experience for the deaf so they can learn to be familiar with the hearing.

There are a lot of different ways people can become deaf. Old age, listening to loud music, damaging an eardrum, viral infections in the inner ear etc. People should be aware of these risks because they can happen to anyone.

Having deaf parents has given me the chance to see both sides of things. I have experienced the deaf culture as well as the hearing and without a doubt, there is a significant difference.

It’s been a shock to me to find out how little hearing people know about the deaf community. I’ve been asked if the deaf can drive, how they order at a restaurant, what they do if they need to call someone and how they communicate when they are behind the wheel. The class would educate the students on how deaf people live everyday life. What hearing people take for granted can be a huge challenge for the deaf.

It could start out as a club and grow to be an elective depending on how many students are interested. The word should be spread by voices and by hands.


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