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Holt transitions from middle to high school

Jay Walker, Media Student

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For 3 years, Cody Holt taught English Language Arts at Smithville Middle School, teaching 7th and 8th graders about the basics of the English language. Up until recently, Holt has been itching for a change and moved up into the high school building. He now teaches his original 7th and 8th-grade students as sophomores.


“I trained in high school,” Holt said. “Whenever I got my degree, I taught seniors at Park Hill High School. I always loved that age group, so that was always in the back of my mind. I knew I wanted to be at the high school level.”


Although Holt has been teaching for a total of 5 years, he had his first day many do on the first day of high school.


“I was nervous because it’s amazing what just a couple of years will do to a kid. I mean by the way some of the sophomores came in even though I saw them in 8th grade two years ago- their confidence is up,” Holt said.


Holt, having a very particular sense of dry humor that not many understand, could quite possibly come off as one-dimensional to some of his middle school students, which is why a few of his coworkers knew it would be better for him to be in an environment with older, more mature teenagers up at the high school.


“I think he needed to be in a different environment,” said Megan Heffley, eighth-grade math teacher. “I think just having an older set of kids and having higher expectations for them. I think that’s something that’s better for him than the middle school level. We still do a bit of nurturing, and we try to do everything we can to help kids instead of the kids needing to work harder.”


The sophomore class Holt teaches currently has many memories of Holt from their younger years at the middle school. The sophomores were Holt’s first class he taught in Smithville, and a lot has changed since their seventh-grade year, but have since kept his lessons in mind.


“He taught me to enjoy every moment, enjoy the laughs, and don’t necessarily stress over the hard times,” said Molli Atkinson, sophomore.


According to Atkinson, “He always seemed to care.”


Holt truly cares about his students and is always planning what’s best for his students.


“If I could say one thing to your audience, it would be to try and be more understanding,” Holt said. “Try to listen before you speak. It can do wonders, and try not to prove yourself at every waking moment. Sometimes, you just need to be humble and learn and know that the teachers have your best interest at heart, and you just have to give them a shot.”

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