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New Law, New Hope

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Missouri is among the handful of states that adopted a new bullying law in 2017. The purpose of this law is to cut down on the amount of bullying that takes place in schools.

The law covers all aspects of bullying, including cyber.

The bad news first: this law can only cover so much bullying. The only type of bullying that this prevents is student on student. People assume that bullying is always students against students, but they are wrong. Inside schools, students bully teachers and the other way around.

Another issue with this is that people who are bullied could abuse the power of reporting or the reports being filed can be false.

As said by the counselors, it does not matter what the “bully” intended, it’s just how the person receiving these actions takes them. This could hurt students if a victim lies about what happened to get someone in trouble. Another issue is just making them false to try and get someone in trouble.

These two problems could be resolved easily if there was a way to check the validity of the reports. However, this may already be in place but the students were not told about this.

The final issue associated with the law is directly caused by students. By being introduced to this change in Law through assemblies after school, students could see it as a challenge to create more bullying or to see how far they can go without getting in trouble.

Even though there are negatives in this situation, there are also good things happening. For example, these meetings were mandatory so students saw them and are now aware of the bullying law.

A big plus to this situation is that it finally gets some pressure off of the victims. The victims now have somewhere safe to report the bullying that will take care of the problem.
Overall the big goal is to prevent bullying from happening and along the way maybe reduce the suicide rates.

As for whether or not the law is working, it’s too early to tell, but with these points, the new law gives hope to those who are victims of bullying.

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