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Out with the old, in with the new

Princpal Bartig retires, Dr. Platt hired for 2017-18

Dr. Tracy Platt
Future Principal

Dr. Tracy Platt Future Principal

Photo by Photo Courtesy of Reed's Portraits

Photo by Photo Courtesy of Reed's Portraits

Dr. Tracy Platt Future Principal

Eastlyn Koons, Staff Writer

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Dr. Michael Bartig is retiring after two years as principal of Smithville High School. Dr. Tracy Platt has been chosen as the next one.

“I’ve worked as a principal in other schools where students weren’t even close to as considerate and involved and outgoing as our students are,” said Dr. Mike Bartig, head principal.

After 2 years in education, students find Bartig’s impact to be effective.

“I like entering the school in the morning and being greeted by administration and teachers and Dr. Bartig has been really good about that this year. In the morning or between classes he is usually available and open to talk,” said Alexis Frey, high school junior.

While many are upset about his retirement, he’s confident in Dr. Platt’s ability as a principal.

“She’s a hard worker. She’ll grind it out. She’ll work hard. She’ll serve students well,” Bartig said.  

Dr. Platt has a lot of experience within the Smithville school district, she has been a second grade teacher here for 6 years, a teacher in Kansas City for 3 years, and an elementary administrator for 7 years.

She’s looking forward to being the principal and is very hopeful for the future. 

“(I’m) excited to work with the kids and implement some new things that bring more rewards to kids that are consistently doing the right thing and to share some ideas with students,” Dr.  Platt said.

Dr. Platt seems to be preparing for the job, she already has some ideas to improve the high school.

“We are already working on alternative seating for the commons area and around the new possible school store that will open, so that’s exciting,“ Dr. Platt said.

Dr. Bartig does not plan to stop working after his retirement.

“(I’m) going into the business world. I’ll probably write a lot of code and travel around the United States. I may find myself on the West Coast, in the San Francisco area before it’s over,” Dr. Bartig said.

Students are very hopeful for the upcoming school year and for Dr. Platt as principal.

“I am excited for the future and the new culture Dr. Platt can bring to our school,” Frey said.

Numerous students and faculty are sad to see Dr. Bartig retiring, but many are also sure that Dr. Platt will do great as well.   

“I’m excited about the 2017-2018 school year; I think it’s going to be a fantastic year,” Platt said.

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