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Pledge of Conformity

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The Pledge of Allegiance is broadcast over the intercom every day at the beginning of second hour.  But some don’t feel comfortable with the idea of it, so they either remain silent or don’t stand for it.  The Pledge is filled with many loaded words and odd phrases.

First off, many don’t like handing their allegiance to a flag.  It’s definitely an object, and even though it has symbolic value, it is still just that.  Why not, “I pledge allegiance to the United States of America”?

Secondly, the controversial “under God” portion.  Added in 1954, this phrase is confusing to the 28.7% (Pew Research Center) of Americans who are unaffiliated with any church or practice non-Christian faiths.  For a flat number, that translates to about 92 million people.  

“With liberty and justice for all” is difficult for many.  For most white cisgender straight men, this phrase makes a lot of sense.  The United States has always doled out justice among this group of people fairly.  

However, for any woman, LGBT person, or Person of Color this has never actually been true.  Justice is hard to be found for women (the Brock Turner Rape case comes to mind), LGBT people (gay conversion “therapy”), and People of Color (Trayvon Martin, literally any unarmed black or brown person).  

This is why the pledge can be difficult for some, and why some people sit during it or don’t say it. Please understand that not everyone agrees with the words of the pledge and let them sit in peace.

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