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SAFE Driving Week

Denise Harwood and Shay Harwood act in a mock car crash for SAFE Driving Week.

Denise Harwood and Shay Harwood act in a mock car crash for SAFE Driving Week.

Photo by Haleigh Ronspies

Photo by Haleigh Ronspies

Denise Harwood and Shay Harwood act in a mock car crash for SAFE Driving Week.

Eastlyn Koons, Staff Writer

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A mock car wreck and guest speakers informed students of the reality of driving for Safe Driving Week, April 10-13.

“I think this week has put into perspective the realities and dangers of not driving safe, whether that be though drinking, smoking, texting, sleeping, etc.,” said Morguen Wilhelm, junior SADD member.

The club SADD, Students Against Destructive Decisions, helped to prepare this event.

“Through SADD, we are able to give the opportunity to students to come together as one and influence their own classmates and community in a safe and positive way,” Wilhelm said. “SADD is made up of many young leaders wanting to make a difference and I believe that is one of the most unique and attractive qualities that SADD has to offer.”

Every day there were opportunities sign the Missouri Safe and Sober pledge card as well as activities on both days, on Monday a seat belt check was performed and on Tuesday there was a drunk goggle obstacle course a machine to show the effects of not wearing your seat belt.

“I know many students who were touched by the speakers, videos and the mock car accident,” Wilhelm said.

On every day that week students were able to sign Missouri Safe and Sober pledge card.

“I did sign the pledge because I don’t want to see me or anyone around me get hurt and I care about my education and I don’t want to drink and drive,” said Isabella DeVito, freshman.

More of the activities included a safe impact safe driving presentation Wednesday and on Thursday speakers came from maryville to talk about their crash to help the effects sink in, a mock car crash also added to the learning.

“I would hope that at least some of it sunk in and everybody will wear their seatbelts,” said Claire Prindable, SRO officer.

The point of this week was to raise awareness for safety while driving. According to Prindable, about 305 students signed the Safe and Sober pledge card.

“I would hope that nobody will drink and drive, text and drive, do drugs and drive, obviously, but we will focus on the seat belts at least,” Prindable said. “We’ll just hope that everyone wears their seat belts regardless of if they’re in the parking lot or not, so hopefully at least one student learned something.”

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