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Scholar’s Bowl, sport of wits

Colton Roach, Journalism Student

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Scholar Bowl, the quiz bowl team, began their 2016-2017 season last week and are gearing up for the first tournament in December.

“Scholar Bowl is the ‘Varsity Sport of the Mind,’” said Shawn Logan, math teacher and Scholar Bowl coach. “Scholar Bowl players engage in team competition against other schools. A team must answer toss-up questions from diverse areas such as social studies, literature, mathematics, science, fine arts, sports, and pop culture, and must answer those questions faster than the opposing team. Teams are then awarded bonus questions on which they can collaborate and provide an answer from the team captain.”

Scholar Bowl is competitive, academic sports program that is sanctioned by the National Academic Quiz Tournaments LLC. Students are eligible to join when they are in seventh-grade.

“I watched my sister play on the team and I knew it was something I wanted to do,”said Andrew Crouse, senior and sixth year team member.

Scholar Bowl is the evolution of Academic Bowl, the program at the Middle School and it allows for an easy transferral of skills and experience. Members have all joined for different reasons.

“My mom made me do it,” said Alex Sharkey, freshman.

Being a program with similar attributes to a sports program, there are memories that come with the time spent with fellow teammates.

One of Crouse’s favorite memories is “going out to eat before and after tournaments.”

“From 2006 to the present, the SHS team has been highly successful,” Logan said. “In nearly all of those years, the team has either been district champion or runner-up. From 2010 to 2013, the team made it to the state tournament and finished in the final four three times. In 2011, the team played in the state championship game only to come up just short of victory. On an annual basis, the team has placed in many local tournaments including multiple championships.”

New members are able to join at the beginning of each season in October and they are met by friendly and competitive teammates.

“New players will develop by attending as many practices as possible and attending tournaments. We learn by doing,”said Logan.

A fresh start to a season is always an exciting time for any sport.

“The 2016-17 season will be one of growth. The team is having to replace three key seniors and their expertise from last year,” Logan said. “There is also a large number of freshmen on the team this year who show a great deal of promise. We should make great gains over the course of the season.”

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