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School’s (Almost) Out for Summer

Photo by Infographic by Rachel Wise

Photo by Infographic by Rachel Wise

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Summer is almost here and everyone has a huge to-do list! What to do, and how to prepare for the hot, fun and anticipated summer.

“I switch out my winter clothes for my summer clothes,” said Gabriella Rastici, junior. “and I start to get my tan on!”

Sometimes summer can sneak up on you, leaving you forgetting what needs to be done. Other people don’t even need to prepare for summer and just go with the flow.

When asked “How do you prepare for summer?” Mrs. Carnes, science teacher, responded back with “I don’t.”

Many people go hardcore with organizing, getting fit and eating healthy before the season comes.

“I love working out this summer-bod,” Rastici said. “A good tummy and some nice legs!”

Summer is a busy season, filled with road trips, vacations, and even summer jobs.

“This summer, I’ll be working at Wendy’s saving up all my money,” said Natalie Riley, freshman.

Eager to get done with finals, students can’t wait to see the end of the school year and the start of summer 2017.

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