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Senioritis infects Smithville seniors

Amanda Holt, Staff Writer

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Seniors count down the days until the end of their high school career on May 17.

“I just want out. I’m so happy,” said Olivia Motsinger, senior. “I’m just sick of seeing everyone’s faces. I’m sick of waking up at six am and coming to the same school for four years in a row. I’m sick of doing annoying work every day of my life, and not being able to sleep until two pm.”

Even with the short time left there is a lot to be done like AP testing, senior awards night, scholarships, and finalizing high school transcripts.

“When they’re done it’s kinda like a sigh of relief,” said Jennifer Robinson, counselor. “It’s just kind of a load off for us when they’re done.”

Most seniors and staff are stressing to seniors to finish strong and not give up so close to the end because everything they do will end up on their transcript.

“Don’t give up like I have because your grades suffer and your GPA suffers and the college still looks at it and they’re like ‘please leave’,” Motsinger said.

According to Nickolas Hartman, senior and Student Council president, the best advice he has received is to enjoy senior year because it will fly by.

“If you wanna get out of here things are gonna go really slow, but if you’re enjoying your senior year, enjoying your time, I think everything’s going to go a little bit quicker,” Hartman said.

For the incoming seniors of 2018, staff and current seniors recommend to keep focusing and finish strong.

“Don’t take your senior year ‘off,’ especially if you’re planning on going to college after high school,” Robinson said. “It won’t benefit you in the long run if you do that. Just keep your pace; whatever you’re doing stick with it.”

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