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Baseball slides into new season

Bobby Orr, junior, running back to first while blowing bubble.

Bobby Orr, junior, running back to first while blowing bubble.

Photo by Abby Swanigan

Photo by Abby Swanigan

Bobby Orr, junior, running back to first while blowing bubble.

Abby Swanigan, Staff Writer

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After coming out of a conference championship last year, the baseball team is ready to start the new season.

“I think every year is a different year that has new challenges,” said Josh Speer, baseball head coach, “I am really looking forward to this year, I think that we have a great senior class, and guys who are ready to step up and lead.”

According to C.J Nitkowski’s blog, a player for the Pittsburgh Tigers, a good coach inspires and motivates his team.

“Speer is a good coach and he just does what is best for the team,” said Kyle Heckenbach, senior pitcher.

More names will be added to the roster this year with the incoming freshman.

“I am very excited to start my highschool career in baseball,”said Cameron Nuckolls, incoming freshman, “I am very nervous though. I don’t know what could happen.”

Abby Swanigan
Cameron Nuckolls, freshman catcher.

The coaches have high expectations for their previous players and new players.

“Every year we always have high expectations for our guys,” Speer said. “We are going to be fundamentally sound. We are going to have a great attitude and give great effort in everything we do.”

According to Speer the boys will be working five to six days a week during the season, plus many of the players have been working in the off season.

“To prepare for this season, I have been doing a lot of offseason workouts, just getting ready mentally and physically for this season,” said Heckenbach.

Even though the 2017 season has not officially began, the team already has rivals they are hoping to beat.

“We have always had a baseball rival with Lafayette. We have always kind of competed for the conference championship with them,” Speer said. “When it comes to districts St. Pius is another rival, they beat us in the championship last year, so our guys are hungry to get a chance to get those guys again.”

Speer is confident in his team and how the upcoming season is going to look.

“I feel really good about the upcoming season. We have a great senior class coming back. We have eight seniors that are ready to lead the team,” Speer said. “We have a lot of position players back; a bunch of pitching back and that’s what is going to helps us win a bunch of games.”

Abby Swanigan
Freshman, junior varsity and varsity players in a huddle.

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