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Social Media trend brings awareness to sexual harassment

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A new sexual harassment awareness method has recently appeared through social media. Women and men around the world are taking this initiative to show the number of people who have been harassed by putting the words “me too” on their social media profiles.

In the United States, 65% of women and 25% of men have been sexually harassed at some point in their life.

“I know a lot of people say dog whistling and stuff is sexual harassment, but though it is wrong, I don’t think it is,” said Sydnee Flowers, freshman. “Putting a term as strong as sexual harassment on something means worse than that. I think it’s touching someone without their permission in a sexual way.”

Harassment in a workplace, or other professional or social situation, involves a person making unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks. To defend themselves from harassment, people use any form of weapons, their voice or calling someone to help them depending on the severity of the situation.

“First of all, keeping it in the school is a bad thing and telling them what to do would help so people would report it,” Flowers said.

Sexual harassment is and can be a serious offense. With a number of people who are harassed each day in the world, the consequences are between jail time or are fined. If you’re thrown in jail, the max is a life in prison (or 25 years) and if you’re fined, it’s usually around $10,00, according to

“Depending on the type, if it’s just like whistling at someone or say they look good in a bad way; maybe just telling them they shouldn’t do that but if it’s touching or raping them, they need to go to jail,” Flowers said.

There are several types of sexual harassment and many forms of it whether it’s physically harming, touching someone, or speaking to someone. And it can happen anywhere. It can happen at work, school, at the mall, at your own home, or anywhere you go.

“(You should tell a)Teacher or trusted adult,” said Brennan McGraw, freshman.

It’s a serious offense to sexually harass someone. Even if the person doing it doesn’t think anything of it, the victim can take it in any way they want.

“I would assume (harassment) would be on purpose,” McGraw said.

People often wonder why other’s sexually harass others. It’s usually to do harm to another or just simply expressing that they have feelings for another strongly.

“I don’t know, I think some guys just like girls and girls like each other and they’re just rude.

Upon investigating more research, Karen Johnson, school counselor, gave more information.

“Because I think it perpetuated by our media,” Johson said. “Mainstream culture and perhaps even by our president. There are some forms of violation that people may not even be aware of it. There could even be family members in it but no one could see that it’s wrong.”

People don’t usually think about what could be happening in their families or outside of school in general. One of the more frequently asked questions about sexual harassment is how to prevent it from happening.

“I don’t think that anyone ever asks for it or puts themselves in that situation where it would happen,” Johson said. “I guess would prevention would lie in those who experiences it. As a counselor my role is to never make the victim feel like it’s their fault.”

It’s no lie that sexual harassment happens everyday. Still today, researchers and investigators are still finding ways to help prevent or cope with sexual harassment

“We need to foster the sense of empathy in our students so that we can put ourselves in another’s shoes and hopefully prevent any other type of harassment or something else,” Johnson said.

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