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Spring Rain

Rain on track during girls varsity soccer game.

Rain on track during girls varsity soccer game.

Photo by Eastlyn Koons

Photo by Eastlyn Koons

Rain on track during girls varsity soccer game.

Abigail Swanigan, Staff Writer

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Spring is here and with spring comes the rain.

“The one thing I dislike about spring is the rainouts we have in baseball,”  said Kyle Heckenbach, varsity baseball player.

The baseball team has only had three home games this season due to rain.

“Unsafe playing conditions are usually major factors as to why a game gets cancelled,” said Darren Schaffer, athletic director. “Lightning is always a factor for outdoor sports – the wetness of the field and if it makes the field playable or unsafe.”

When a game is cancelled the coaches try to make it up through a practice.

“If a game gets canceled, we always practice,” said Cody Holt, assistant baseball coach. “Typically the field is too wet to play on so we have to practice in the gyms. If the football field is free we will play catch and do defensive work on it. We try to mix it up sometimes and play whiffle ball or something fun, but it’s not the same as playing an actual game.”

According to the athletic director if a game is cancelled the school tries to make it up.

“We try to reschedule the games,” Schaffer  said. “We have to reschedule the conference games, but the non-conference games we try to reschedule them. If we have two games that need to be rescheduled the confrence game will always be rescheduled over the non-conference.”

Spring games can be difficult to reschedule.

“It is though to make up a game in spring because a lot of our schedules are so full and it is tough finding a spot,” Schaffer said. “Both teams have to agree to it. Sometimes I can look at my schedule and have an opening and then I call St. Joseph or Benton and they say no because they already have a game scheduled.”

According to WeatherDB, Kansas City gets an average of 10.99 inches of rain each spring.

“I love the rain as long as it doesn’t get in the way playing baseball, so when a game gets cancelled due to rain, I am not a huge fan of it,” Heckenbach said.

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