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Student Council donates to homeless during One Homeless Night

Abby Swanigan, Journalism Student

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Smithville student council put on an event for the homeless Saturday, November 5.

“One homeless night is a two-part service or awareness night for homeless teens in the Kansas City area,” said Chris Becker, student council adviser and Algebra teacher. “This was a service event through the whole week and then the actual event on Saturday Night, just to get us involved and raise awareness for a problem that is not as problematic as you would think it is.”

$650 worth of donations were raised for the event and then donated to Synergy for One Homeless Night.

“Our school is collecting personal hygiene products,”  said Ally Dusanek, junior and chair of the event. “Which is like toothpaste, tooth brushes, etc.”

Preparation for the event took around two months.

“We were proposed with the idea from our student council advisors in the beginning of September and we didn’t really do anything with it,”  said Jordyn Beard, junior and chair of the event. “But then we decided to get stuff going about the middle of September, so we have been preparing for the last couple of months.”

This was the first year of doing One Homeless Night, but student council is hoping to make it a yearly event.

“We are going to try and do it next year and make it an annual event. Even try to make it bigger. Usually, it involves camping outdoors, we decided not to do that this year because it is our first time, but maybe do bigger and better and improve on it next year. ” said Becker.

The event was considered “inspiring” and brought many emotions, according to Becker.

“Honestly, this is my first organization thing that I am leading and it honestly feels really, really, good knowing that I am doing something that is going to turn out to be so great in the end,”  Dusanek said.

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