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Students pledge silence for LGBTQ+ students

Photo by Photo Courtesy of Rudy's Portraits

Photo by Photo Courtesy of Rudy's Portraits

Photo by Photo Courtesy of Rudy's Portraits

Amanda Holt, Staff Writer

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Every member of the Gay Straight Alliance did not speak all day on Friday, April 21.

According to Ronnie Lathrop, GSA sponsor, The Day of Silence is an initiative hosted by Gay Lesbian Educational Student Network. Students vow to be silent all day to raise awareness for LGBTQ+ students who are forced into silence because of bullying.

“The Day of Silence is important to me because it is symbolic for the people who suffer anti-LGBT bullying every day and feel they don’t have a voice,” said Jake Wolfe, GSA co-chair. “This day is very important for our peers among us who may be bullied in this way to know they have people standing with them.”

In years before, students have participated in The Day of Silence, but nothing as big as this year.

“I am really looking forward to seeing how many people are going to participate because you would think it would only be a handful of people, but I am expecting it to be a lot more than that,” said TJ Goldsborough, nonbinary freshman.

According to Wolfe, many students are participating because they feel strongly about the bullying that is happening in the school and want to help raise awareness for those students.

“The day of silence is important to me because I am part of the LGBT community and I have gotten bullied a lot because of that,” Goldsborough said. “ (I’ve experienced) lots of name calling and dirty looks from people around our school, and it is really upsetting and I have had a lot of difficult times because of that.”

According to GLESN the main goal of The Day of Silence is to “encourage schools and classmates to address the problem of anti-LGBTQ behavior.”

“I think the day of silence is important for the school because there is a lot of homophobia here and a lot of people push it aside and ignore it but it’s not something that should be ignored because many people who are gay or who are not cisgendered get bullied every day in and out of school just because they’re different” Goldsborough said.

GSA has many more events planned for next year and the group is looking forward to years to come.

“In the GSA’s short time, we have experienced an overwhelming amount of support from the student body,” Wolfe said. “I’d just like to thank everyone for their support, and all of the GSA members for being so awesome as well as all of our sponsors!”

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