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Students recognize educators for Teacher Appreciation Week

Video Courtesy of Student Council

Letters the students wrote to teachers.

Letters the students wrote to teachers.

Photo by Abby Swanigan

Photo by Abby Swanigan

Letters the students wrote to teachers.

Abby Swanigan, staff writer

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May 1st through the 5th is all about showing teachers how much they are appreciated .

“I think teacher appreciation is really important because the teachers try to bring out the best in us, and they teach us a lot.” said Lydea Snarr, freshman.

The committee spent $600 dollars on food trucks, they provided paper and pens at lunch to fill out cards and write letters they also made a video for the teachers.

“Teachers definitely do not get the appreciation they deserve especially with what they put up with so this is just a time to say thank you,” said McKenna McGuire, sophomore and head of the committee.

Students were able to help with the week by writing a letter to the teacher of their choice and could help with creating the videos.

“The best part about teacher appreciation (week) was the handwritten notes of appreciation from students,” said Dawn Jenkins, mathematics teacher. “That meant a lot to me, and I will save them to read when I am old and sitting in the nursing home eating my green jello after my wheelchair races with the other old retired teachers.”

According to McGuire, the goal was to have every teacher and faculty member have a handwritten letter.

“I believe that Teacher Appreciation Week also helps teachers get through EOC testing,”  Jenkins said. “We are so stressed during that time, and these gestures of appreciation make us smile.”

Jenkins believes that students should continue the event each year.

“This week makes me remember why I became a teacher:  to make a difference in a child’s life,” Jenkins said.

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