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Take Precautions to Save Lives

Brennan McGraw

Photo by Photo Courtesy of Reed's Portraits

Brennan McGraw

Brennan McGraw, Media Student

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This has been an emotional past few weeks, with the Parkland, Florida shooting where seventeen people were killed and fourteen people were injured. We embrace tragedies like this with sadness and grief which then turns into rage and indignation. This anger inescapably gets directed towards the NRA, gun rights activists, and politicians who continue to do nothing time and time again as countless children are murdered because of the simplicity to buy a gun.

When you look at a country like Japan, you can see a lot of differences in the laws and the deaths due to gun violence of guns. In 2014, Japan had 6 reported gun deaths, compared to the 33,599 of the United States. In Japan, to own a gun, you have to attend an all-day class, pass a written test and score a 95% accuracy in a shooting test. Then, you have to pass a mental health test which takes place at a hospital and pass a background check in which the government looks into your criminal record and interviews your friends and family. Shotguns and air-rifles are allowed, and citizen you have to go back and retake the class and the exam every three years.

Japan has also grasped the idea that fewer guns in circulation will amount to fewer deaths. Each prefecture, ranging in size from half a million to 12 million in Tokyo, can operate a maximum of three gun shops. New magazines can only be purchased by trading in old ones. And when gun owners die, their relatives must surrender the deceased member’s firearms.

If we were able to implement at least some of these regulations in the United States, we would see change. There would be no walking into Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop and buying a military grade assault weapon within minutes and taking it to a school to massacre more children.

But, if we really want to try making a difference, we need to come together, respect each other and our values and compromise on what we think is best. The divisiveness of this country is concerning and needs to be fixed. If we can come together, we can do something that everyone wants, such as not taking all of the guns, but just making it harder for people to get them and not allowing military grade weapons.

By saying that nothing can be done because people will always be able to get guns is foolish. If these such regulations have worked in other countries then why not just try here, what could it hurt? It’s a better solution than sending thoughts and prayers. And, if it shows to have no effect, then we can all reconvene and explore other prevention options. But, sitting around taking no action is not the way to see change.

Walmart and Dicks Sporting Goods have taken a step in the right direction, stating that neither stores will sell firearms to anyone under the age of 21 and Dicks will not sell any assault-style weapons. These are examples of a good way to make change and compromise.

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  1. Remington Wilcox on March 16th, 2018 12:44 pm

    Can you put your links in here so I can look more into your evidence?