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The agonizing three day audition process has now come to an end

Photo by McKenna Hill

Photo by McKenna Hill

Carlina Bogdon, Media Student

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Even Though the colour guard season just ended the members of the team can’t wait to get back to practicing and performing with all the new and current guard members.


“We take two days and we teach a routine on the third day. We review the routine and then have tryouts in front of judges that do not know the kids.” said Connie Mogg,Director of colour guard.


Although the two sports colour guard and winter guard are very similar many confuse the two sports. The two teams follow their own set of rules.


Winter guard performs to accompaniment music in a gymnasium; because of that they can do more difficult things,” said Connie Mogg,


During the colour and Winter guard seasons the team becomes very close to one another causing them to perform better.


“I think this will be the best one so far this color guard season has been the best out of the color guard seasons, so I have high hopes for winter guard,” said Colton James, senior.


Everyone can be in guard. It doesn’t matter if you are a senior with a ton of experience or a freshman trying it for your first time you just need to be willing to practice.


I just go out on my own time at my house and go out and practice until I really know it, and as a whole guard  you always go over it  and we always say what we can improve on.” said Laney Hancock, freshman.


The Winter guard doesn’t only perform at assemblies, they travel to competitions and sometimes even world championships. Just like every other sport team they have their own rituals and what they do before competing.


As a group right before we go on and perform, we all just kind of calm ourselves down; it’s a weird thing, but we all quack. It’s kind of just our thing,” said Rachel Fortner, junior.

The results are in and the winter guard members for the 2017-2018  season are Colton James, Megan Frazier, Kayla Lincoln, Faith Thompson, Kristin Jackson, Rachel Fortner, Samantha Thoren, Lauren Powell, Kaitlyn Chapman, Austin Cassidy, Emily Newton, Ethan Rice, Laney Hancock, Kayla Collins, JoBeth Cummings, Carlina Bogdon, Megan Mosby, Danny James.

“I am very excited for this year  because during Color Guard our coaches like to give us hints of what the theme’s going to be and how things are going to play out,” Hancock said.


As every sports team prepares for their season, there are some downfalls and injuries even with a sport such a guard.


”It’s painful,” James said. “There’s a lot of injuries that come with it, like my thumb is permanently damaged, and I have a lot of bruises and a lot of like tendon issues in my wrist  from weapons and stuff, but that’s just kind of common.”


Because this is the senior year of some guard members, their high school guard career will be coming to a close; however this doesn’t mean that it has to be over forever.


“This is not going to be my last year of being on guard, but it will be my last year on a high school guard, so I’m really trying to put everything into it that I can,” James said.

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