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Three new leaders added to cheer

Bailey Bryant, Journalism Student

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Cheerleading squad gained 3 new members with a”fantastic smile.”

Cara Massie, cheer coach, held auditions for cheerleading tryouts Thursday, November 3. The coaches anticipated 3-8 candidates.

“Coaches make selections based upon both cheer-specific skills and citizenship,” Massie said.

Specifically, they are look for technique, flexibility,  jumps, tumbling skills, the ability to lead a crowd, a loud voice and an excellent smile, according to Massie.

“I always like adding people on the team because it gives us more options to add people and do more stuff,” said Cassidy Butts, senior who has cheered since seventh grade.

Shannon Purtle, captain of the cheer team during football season, had a great experience with mid-season tryouts last year. She explained how two of the girls that joined she got really close to, and she’s excited to see what’s coming this year.  

“Our sport involves tossing athletes into the air,” Massie said, “Trusting your teammates is a vital element of our sport. We work hard to develop trust and friendship amongst our members.“

Butts and Purtle agree with trusting each other.

They took on three people as cheerleaders and the team is very excited to welcome new people.

“I love cheer and if there’s an opportunity for someone else to experience it, I’m completely in support of them becoming an addition to the team,” Purtle said.

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