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Tornado sweeps Smithville

Lily Wilkerson, sophomore, cleaning up debris.

Lily Wilkerson, sophomore, cleaning up debris.

Photo by Abby Swanigan

Photo by Abby Swanigan

Lily Wilkerson, sophomore, cleaning up debris.

Jasmine Powell, Staff Writer

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Late Monday night, a devastating tornado swept through the city of Smithville leaving many families homeless.

“I immediately thought go to the basement,” said Chris Heslinga, assistant principal.

KCTV5 reported that between 60-70 homes were damaged by the storm on Monday.

“Our heating/AC unit is destroyed, fence is barely standing, and our roof shingles were ripped off,” said Ella Marshall, resident of Diamond Crest.

The storm hit three neighborhoods that night; however, Diamond Crest took the most critical damage.

“(Chafin Johnson)’s house was hit and his basketball hoop is now in a field. Brayden Routh’s house was also hit,” Marshall said.

No one lost their lives this night, but several are devastated and are scraping up the remains of of the place they used to call “home”.

“I feel bad for the families impacted by the tornado, and we are fortunate no one got seriously hurt,” Heslinga said.

Smithville High School’s FBLA has started a “Storm Support” for the families.

There are 10 families who have been displaced due to the storm and our mission is to provide a care package for each of them” said Haley Simpson, senior.  

Smithville staff and administrators have organized a student wide clean up for the neighborhoods affected by the storm.

So many students showing up to clean up our community. Love seeing everyone out and helping. This is amazing”  said Nick Hartman, senior, posted on Facebook.

There is still left over debris, but the community is still working to clean up.

“I’m overall just in aw by the damage,” Marshall said.

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One Response to “Tornado sweeps Smithville”

  1. Amanda Torres on March 10th, 2017 8:57 pm

    This is awesome getting the school involved with serving the community. And, the writer of this article did a stellar job!