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Trick or Treat Street provides safe alternative for Halloween

Shelbi Ashcroft, Newspaper Editor

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Student Council threw back to a Halloween tradition with Trick or Treat Street at 5p.m. Halloween night throughout the first floor of the High School. Clubs decorated a classroom door to run their booth  which offered the traditional trick or treating, as well as things like: Pin the stem  on the pumpkin, face painting, hot chocolate, coloring stations and even robots for them to play with.

Nick Hartman, student body president, was excited to see the turnout for this event.

“The program used to be here in the high school about nine years ago, and it was for safe opportunities for kids to come in, get candy and to enjoy the experience,” Hartman said.

Students and staff alike all around were anticipating the event, Chris Becker, StuCo advisor, said that it was a way to bring the community together.

“It’s a safe environment for the elementary kids and then also gets high school kids involved who sometimes think they are too old to trick or treat,” Becker said.

“All of us high schoolers hopefully will be positive role models tonight.” McKenna Hill, sophomore and yearbook editor.

Hill remembers participating in this event with her siblings before it was discontinued. She enjoyed coming to the high school and seeing all of the students there.

“I have memories of making friends with all the high school kids and looking up to them and thinking, I want to be like that when I’m older,” Hill said.

Becker hopes to see the program grow and get bigger with each year hopefully expanding to both floors of the high school next year.

Hartman added that students and staff had put a lot of work into the event and were excited to see the kids have a good time.

As families and kids entered the school they were greeted by streamers from the ceiling, candy and students in costume. The costumes ranged from a head-to-toe tiger, full body ninja turtle, and even a kid dressed as Donald Trump – complete with wig.

Smithville High transformed their school into a blast from the past with this event.

“It was very successful, far more than we thought would show… we even ran out of candy,” Hartman said.

A general consensus was that the main parts of this event were keeping the kids safe and bringing the community together. Hartman said he was happy to create a safe space for the kids, and he was proud of all the groups that participated in the event.

“ From what I’ve seen (the kids) definitely love it. They make friends with each other and you see the high schoolers bonding with them,” Hill said.

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