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Students and staffs’ health was jeopardized when a main water break caused the High School to lose the use of running water on Monday, March 13.

If students had to use the restroom they were left with only two choices: walking down to Central Office or facing an unpleasant bathroom where they couldn’t flush or even wash their hands.

In addition to not being able to flush down excrement, girls who were on their periods experienced lack of proper sanitation due to not being able to clean up properly.

In an article written by the Huffington Post quotes a Dr. Chamandeep Bali, a naturopathic doctor, who states that the harms of holding your urine can lead to infection, which can spread to the kidneys and cause damage to the body.

Students and staff deserve the right to be able to use a clean facility when they go to the restroom, and also the ability to thoroughly wash their hands. Even though flu season has passed, the lack of handwashing is allowing germs to spread through the student body.

With the school day continuing with no working water, students became distracted and upset about not being about the use the school restrooms appropriately. Classes became distracted with students asking to use the restroom and then other making comments like “Good Luck” or “Hold Your Nose.”

The Smithville School District emailed and called students and parents saying that the High School was experiencing water pressure issues. The email also stated that, “The high school is functioning with little disruption.”

Even though the school district stated that the high school is experiencing little disruption, many students were greatly distracted by the fact that the school bathrooms were basically useless and if they wanted water they had to go to the lobby.

Students and staff dealt with being thirsty and not wanting to drink, due to not being able to relieve themselves in a clean bathroom because of the water pressure issues.

Lunch was also thrown off course with lunch options became limited with students eating on plastic trays with plastic utensils. Certain meals couldn’t be prepared due to lack of water pressure.

This is a disregard of basic human rights if the bathrooms aren’t functioning properly.

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