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Veterans Day Assembly honors active, retired military

Photo by Jay Walker

Photo by Jay Walker

Kateland Ligon, Staff Writer

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The Veterans assembly is an annual gathering that our high school has every year.

“We have the whole assembly for the students and the Keynote and then performances from the band and choir and this all of his honor of veterans and put awareness that it’s a Veterans Day assembly and you know you need to honor these people and this is why,” said Jacob Burns, Senior.

Smithville students have had their honor of Veterans Day celebration on Nov. 11, but this year they are having it on a Friday, Nov. 10 since Veterans day is on a Saturday.

“So, on the 10th all the veterans will have work off if that is applicable to them,” said Jacob Burns, senior.

There has been some controversy on the subject of if Smithville High School should have the Veterans Day assembly because it’s not on the 11th. Many are wondering if it’s appropriate or if it is disrespectful to have it a day early

“I think it’s great,” said Jennifer Beal, veteran.“I think it’s absolutely wonderful that you guys are incorporating that in your school day.

 With the help of the Student Council, Jacob Burns planned the Veterans Day Assembly.

”This is the second year I’ve been in charge of it, and it’s a lot of organization,” Burns said. “It’s going around to different clubs and asking what can you do for it and what’s going to happen. A big part of it is getting our word out to the community because not only is the school getting involved it’s the whole community.”

Being a veteran means that you have a lot of responsibility to you and the people around you. Being in the military would mean having a badge of honor that you would. Having the assembly will help shed light on these veterans and give them the recognition that they deserve.

”It’s awesome to be a veteran. I’m happy that I contributed some of my life to the protection of this country I am very very honored to wear the best uniform known to man I love it,” Beal said.


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