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Veterans Day celebrated with assembly

Ellery Peterson, Journalism Student

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For the past 78 years, America celebrated Veterans Day, and for Smithville students with family members who are veterans, this school day is a special one.

“It’s a very cool but sombering experience,the whole thing is that it doesn’t matter what branch you’re in because we’re all a part of the United States Armed Forces,” said Joanne Bateman, Navy.

Tomorrow kicks off with a breakfast that is open to all veterans in the high school cafeteria. This breakfast is free of charge to the veterans. Also, there will be a remembrance table, where no one will sit, to honor the soldiers that couldn’t be present.

After the breakfast, the assembly opens with appreciative speeches to thank all of the veterans who served or are serving. Then the choir and band perform with select patriotic pieces.

“The most important concept students need to understand is that the freedom we enjoy isn’t free, people risk their lives to make sure that freedom continues and it’s more than a celebration,” Bateman said.

Following the speeches and performances is commemoration. This is where each veteran present stand one by one. Their name, branch in which they served and how many years they served are announced.

“Of course I feel proud bringing my mom in, it’s cool that she served in the military on its own but it’s also what  partially inspired me to go into the military myself,” said Ann-Elise Bateman, junior.

This day America has come to hold dear came about from WWI. Originally called Armistice Day, it marked the day the Armistice was signed which ended the war. Years later in 1954, the holiday was changed to Veterans Day to remember all who served.

Several local organizations support Veterans Day. In addition to Student Council who conducts the assembly, the American Legion plays an important role with the open breakfast. Most importantly though, is the support that each student gives.

“The community is so loyal, lots of people volunteer to help out; I think this assembly shows just how much we care about our veterans,” said Jacob Burns, junior.

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