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Warrior Fest dance moved for Dazzlers, FFA

Eastlyn Koons, Staff Writer

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Smithville High School will have their Warrior Fest Dance on March 4, 2017. The Warrior Fest is an annual dance that the student council does. The theme this year was Kansas City, Made in MO.

The dance was originally supposed to be on February 25, it was rescheduled because of student conflicts.

“The best option was to reschedule the dance in an attempt to get the most people to attend the dance, that was the goal,” said Petra Williams, StuCo adviser and high school science teacher.

Because the administrators wanted to get the most people to attend, they had to schedule around other sporting events.

“There was a state event that weekend that would have the (Dazzler) team out of town,” said Darren Shaffer, athletic director. “So whenever a team qualifies for an event, we try to find an alternative so they don’t miss out on the dance. We looked at the calendar and we had an open weekend so we moved it a week back.”

The Dazzlers have a state tournament in St. Charles, MO this weekend, according to Nickolas Hartman, president of student council.

In addition to the Dazzler tournament, Future Farmers of America had a competition.

“It goes from 8-12 and is a glow dance so it should be a fun and casual night,” Hartman said.

Student Council is also offering a deal where if you buy a Warrior Fest t-shirt, you can get into the dance for free. The t-shirt costs $15 and it costs $10 to get into the dance.

Senior students are nominated from their class to be a part of the Warrior Fest court.  

“For coronation, we hold a vote and each person gets to choose five girls and five boys and we take the top five of each,” Williams said.

The male candidates this year are Sam Aviles, Brad Covey, Cade Torkelson, Alexander Drake, and Luke Vollenweider.

Eliza Baber, Hannah Termorshuizen, Josie Grandgenett, Lexi Duncan, and Kaitlyn Njoo are the female candidates for Warrior Fest court.

Bradley Covey was crowned King and Kaitlyn Njoo was chosen as the Warrior Fest Queen.

“Warrior Fest is a good event and hopefully the school supports,” Shaffer said.

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