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Warriors suffer last minute loss to St. Michael High

McKenna Hill, Managing Editor

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After 70 scoreless minutes, the Smithville Warrior soccer team suffered a narrow loss in the last 10 minutes of the game against St. Michael the Archangel High School last Thursday, Aug. 31.

“We were just trying to work hard, keep playing, and get some shots off,” said Dan Jakobe of St. Michael the Archangel High school.

The Warriors lost the game 0-2 to St. Michael’s after having nearly two full halves with no goals for either team.

“There were times when I thought we definitely had the momentum, and we lost it at times, but we always got it back, and it pulled through in the end,” Jakobe said.

The Smithville players lost their momentum shortly after Carter Tietjens, starting midfielder for the Warriors, received a yellow card in the second half.

“I was frustrated, but I absolutely deserved every single bit of that yellow card,” Tietjens said.

Attitudes on the field changed drastically after Tietjens was penalized.

“The guys felt like we were being manhandled the whole game, pretty much only hanging on by a thread,” Tietjens said. “There was this mentality on the field of ‘they came out first’ and we were down on ourselves the whole time.”

The team plans to move forward from this loss by working on their mindsets on the field at practice and during games.

“We played terrible tonight,” said Jonathan Reed, head coach. “Everything was bad about it. I don’t have a single positive thing to say, but we’ve got to forget about it, move on, and get back to playing how we were before. My boys were better than this team, and I’m going to get them to play like I know they can.”


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